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 Culinary Arts Management Program Admissions Requirements

Food Business Management Degree Program Admissions Requirements

Admissions Process

The college has a selective admissions process whereby each candidate is evaluated individually. The basic requirements are as follows:

1. A diploma from a Singaporean polytechnic
Transfer credits have already been mapped out for students with a diploma in culinary & catering management, hospitality & tourism management, or leisure & resort management. If graduates of these programs satisfy the transfer credit policy of the CIA, they will receive credit for the courses already completed during their polytechnic education. These students will follow a typical sequence of courses.

Any other students who apply must have their transfer credits mapped specific to their previous diploma program, and may be required to take additional courses. Non-relevant diplomas and other applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2. Work experience at a non-fast-food establishment with a professional kitchen
The CIA requires that students gain relevant experience before enrolling by working in a foodservice operation, by completing culinary classes during secondary school, or by completing college- or polytechnic-level culinary courses. Time requirements vary by type of experience. This experience requirement is designed to help students understand the realities of working in the foodservice industry.

Foodservice and hospitality is a rewarding and challenging profession, and we want to make sure our students are confident in their career choice. The following describes some of the ways prospective students can gain this experience.

Relevant Work Experience

  • Work in the back-of-the-house (prep cook, line cook, pastry cook, or dishwasher) or the front-of-the-house (server, hostess, expeditor, bartender, or busser) at a non-fast-food establishment with a professional kitchen, such as a restaurant, café, bakery, hospital, or corporate foodservice environment for at least six months for 10–15 hours per week.
  • Do a culinary/baking apprenticeship for at least six months for 10–15 hours per week.
  • Work for a caterer—their hours are usually more flexible—in a back-of-the-house or front-of-the-house position for at least six months for 10–15 hours per week.
  • Volunteer to work for a soup kitchen, hospital, or the like in a back-of-the-house or front-of-the-house position for at least six months for 10–15 hours per week.
  • Successfully complete a diploma in culinary and catering management, leisure and resort management, or hospitality and tourism management.

Relevant Classwork Alternatives

  • Attend a secondary school or post-secondary culinary/baking program that operates a restaurant that is open to the public, faculty/staff, or students a minimum of two days per week for at least six months of the school year for at least one school year.
  • Attend a secondary school culinary/baking program that is active in ProStart, FCCLA, or SkillsUSA for at least one school year.
  • Complete 12 credits of college- or polytechnic-level courses, including at least six credits from hands-on culinary/baking courses. The official college transcript will need to show a grade of at least C+ for these hands-on culinary courses in order for the CIA to accept these courses as fulfilling the foodservice experience requirement.

Please note:

  • For each of the ways to fulfill the experience through work, a letter of recommendation from either the supervisor or mentor is required discussing the work fulfilled by the student and length of time worked. This letter satisfies the letter of recommendation requirement under “Application Procedure.”
  • For the college classwork alternative to fulfill the requirement, the official college transcript will verify the student’s foodservice experience.
  • This experience is not required to apply for admission—the requirement must be met before the student enters the CIA.

Application Procedure

The steps to apply for admission to the bachelor’s degree program in Singapore are as follows:

  1. Review the admissions procedure on the Singapore Institute of Technology’s website
    Admissions will be open for three months, January–March. During this time, prospective students will apply and their applications will be reviewed. If the Admissions Committee approves a student’s application, he or she will be invited for a face-to-face interview. The purpose of the interview is to meet the student, get to know him or her, and better understand his or her passion for the food and hospitality industry.
  2. Ask for recommendations
    Two recommendations are required, one from an industry employer that describes the applicant’s foodservice experience. The second must be a recommendation from a professional contact (e.g., employer, business associate, mentor), in order to give the Admissions Committee a greater understanding of your character and abilities.

To make it easier for a foodservice employer or professional contact to write the letter of recommendation, applicants can download and print our Letter of Recommendation Guidelines (PDF) and pass them along to the recommender.

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