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 Career Outcomes

Career Outcomes

CIA Credential = Career Opportunity

The combination of your Polytechnic degree and CIA bachelor’s degree gives you the education and credentials that put you on the “A-List” of candidates for most employers.

The CIA is famous for preparing top-notch professionals who are creative, forward-thinking, and well-grounded in proven, essential knowledge and skills. That’s why our students become leading culinary businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, hotel and resort executives, executive chefs, executive pastry chefs, restaurant and bakery café owners, food writers, research chefs, and more.

Our 49,000-strong network of alumni can testify to the exceptional value of the CIA degree. They are an accomplished, supportive network throughout the industry, whatever your career goals.

Check out some of their amazing success stories.

Singapore Institute of Technology in Partnership with The Culinary Institute of America

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CIA, Singapore
Temasek Polytechnic
21 Tampines Avenue 1
Block 31 (West Gate/Swimming Complex)
Singapore 529757

For enquiries please contact:
Tel: +65 6592 1189 (Main Line)
+65 6592 1136 (Undergraduate Student Admission Matters)
+65 6592 1150 (Financial Aid, Scholarships & Pre-Matriculated Students)

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