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 Culinary Arts Management Program Curriculum Chart

Bachelor of Professional Studies Curriculum Chart

First Semester

  • Introduction to Gastronomy
  • Nutrition
  • Culinary Fundamentals
  • Meat Identification and Fabrication
  • Seafood Identification and Fabrication
  • Introduction to À La Carte Cookery
  • Elementary French I
  • Psychology of Human Behavior

Second Semester

  • High-Volume Production Cookery
  • Garde Manger
  • Culinary Practical Examination
  • Baking and Pastry Skill Development
  • Modern Banquet Cookery
  • Introduction to Customer Service
  • Food, Wine, and (Agri)culture
  • Wine Studies
  • Elementary French II
  • History and Cultures of the Americas

Food, Wine, and (Agri)culture Trip (Overseas Immersion Program)

Third Semester

  • Cuisines of the Americas
  • Cuisines of the Mediterranean
  • Cuisines of Asia
  • Advanced Cooking
  • Controlling Costs and Purchasing Food
  • Menu Development
  • Costing Examination
  • Intermediate French
  • Literature and Composition

Fourth Semester

  • Writing Examination
  • Contemporary Restaurant Cooking
  • Contemporary Restaurant Service
  • Culinary Practical Examination
  • Formal Restaurant Cooking
  • Formal Restaurant Service
  • History and Cultures of Asia or History and Cultures of Europe
  • Human Resource Management

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